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AGM Electrical Supplies Offers a Wide Range of LED Flood Lights

LED flood lights provide the ideal solution for lighting large areas and providing security across a variety of applications. From facade illumination, parking lot illuminators, industrial yard illumination, and signage illumination - as well as art or other projects showcase - LED flood lights are highly versatile lighting solutions that can easily be mounted onto walls or surfaces using 3M tape, with various beam spread options and power packages to meet every need.

AGM Electrical Supplies provides an impressive selection of LED floodlights from top brands at competitive pricing, which can be purchased online, in-store, and over the phone. Their fast and reliable delivery services cover Australia with customer satisfaction as their top priority.

LED lights make for an excellent solution in many different applications due to their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and durability. Compared with traditional fixtures, they produce less heat while remaining environmentally friendly - plus maintenance costs tend to be lower with LED fixtures!

When selecting an LED flood light, it is essential to take note of several specifications:

Lumens- This measure indicates how bright a fixture is; the higher its lumen count is, the brighter its illumination will be.

Beam Spread

The beam spread of a flood light determines its coverage area; the wider it is, the more coverage area there is.


refers to the amount of power consumed by a light source and can be seen as its brightness; low-wattage lights have lower lumen counts than their counterparts with greater power usage.

Mounting Options

The type of mount a fixture has will dictate its installation options. For instance, flood lights with Trunnion Mounts can be attached directly to poles for side-to-side lighting effects; others can be wall-mounted using Yoke Mounts.

LED Driver Circuit 

An LED flood light driver circuit converts AC line voltage into constant current power that drives its LEDs, protecting against overvoltage, short circuit, overload, and overtemperature conditions. For optimal performance, the specifications for such an LED Driver should include protection against overvoltage, short-circuiting overloading overtemperature conditions.

Luminaire Base

The body of a flood light should be designed to securely support LEDs and other components, and be resistant to vibration, impact, and other environmental influences.

AGM Electrical Supplies Floodlights can help increase safety, enhance security, and beautify your property. AGM Electrical Supplies is the go-to provider of LED floodlights and other electrical accessories. Visit their website today to explore their extensive product offering! Contact them for help selecting the appropriate light fixture to meet your requirements, with their experienced team available to answer any questions and select products for home, office, or commercial properties. As well as lighting and power points, they offer a selection of products such as electrical connectors, switches, junction boxes, and Clipsal Iconic Switches - stylish but sturdy solutions perfect for any space.