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Waterproof Power Points

Waterproof Power Points

Weatherproof Power Points are an excellent option to provide safe power to outdoor spaces and gardens. They also provide protection against dust and spray and moisture spray, making them an essential product to provide customers who wish to get more of outdoor lifestyle.

With an array of options that are available from top brands like Clipsal, HPM, AGM Electrical Supplies and Hager You can pick the most suitable solution for your project as well as needs for setting up.

This 10-amp Weather shield from Clipsal double-switch power point is a perfect all-weather device that has an IP53 rating and includes the caps for fixing screws and caps for the screws that mount to the cover to ensure the best IP rating.

from AGM Electrical Supplies Their 10 amp Aqua Life Double Switch Power point is a sturdy power point designed for outdoor use in it is suitable for outdoor use and the Australian climate. It features upgraded terminals that permit easy installation and gives you the option of being placed on the surface or in a shallow mount. Additionally, it comes with an additional flap that provides IP54 security.

Weatherproof Switches

There are also alternatives for weatherproof switches which can be used outdoors and endure the tough Australian climate.

NHP is a manufacturer that includes weatherproof switches that come in 16A in 2 3 Gang as well as 20 A in 1 Gang configurations. The standard offers enhanced corrosion and ingress protection. Additionally, the grey RAL7035 UV-resistant polycarbonate material provides longer-lasting service for outdoor use.

The Clipsal collection of Weather shield products are ideal for use in homes however, they are also great for commercial applications like factories, wineries outside walls, or around swimming pool areas.

For instance For instance, for instance, the 16 amp Weather shield 2-way switch has an IP rating of IP66.

AGM Electrical Supplies also offers a variety of weatherproof switches, perfect for the tough Australian climate. As with AGM Electrical Supplies' 16amp Aqua Life 1 Weatherproof switch for gangs, it is a sturdy switch that can be mounted on a surface or low-level mounting and is rated IP66.

Weatherproof Lighting

For installation that requires weatherproof, outdoor lighting, there's an array of options for both residential and commercial applications.

For instance, weatherproof floodlights such as the Brilliant 8-watt LED light with An IP Rating of IP44, and is constructed from tough die cast aluminum.

A light that is suitable for both commercial and residential outdoor spaces can be found in this SAL 30-watt Starpad. This is a waterproof floodlight that has an IP65 rating. It can also change the kelvin rating from 3000K up to 5000K.

For a light with more power it is the Melec 50-watt Floodlight Nox is rated as IP65 with a Kelvin value of 5700K.

There are a lot of the options and we invite you to take an overview of the options on our website, or get in touch to our client service team to learn more.